A guide to playing online Roulette

South African fans of the casino game roulette can look forward to playing this exciting game at many new online casinos that support ZAR-payouts. These casinos offer the Roulette game and all its variants in the classic virtual roulette option but also in the Live Dealer casino environment that as close as possible mimics a real casino without the player having to leave the safety of his own home. This article will aim to provide player with an overview of Roulette's history, rules, some strategies and the variants of Roulette available before players plunge into real-money playing. For a collection of South African online casinos that offer real-play online Roulette, click here: { southafrica-online-casino.org }

South African online casino payers have traditionally been sceptical about playing Roulette online at casinos as the authorities, through misinformation and bureaucratic bungling, have essentially outlawed real-money gambling in South Africa. This is despite the fact that online gambling game developers providers have been allowed to operate freely in the country since the early 1990s. This caused many fly-by-night casino operators to operate in the South African market without scruples, thereby causing harm to the image of the online gambling industry with illegitimate marketing and operating tactics. Recently, a number of legitimate overseas-based casino operators have been allowed to market to South African players and players will be demanding transparency on all popular games, including Roulette.


What is online Roulette?

Ever since the French mathematician Blaise Pascal inadvertently invented a form of the Roulette wheel while trying to build a perpetual motion machine back in 1655, the form of the game may have changed significantly but the basic rules of the game remain the same until today. The advent of the Internet has allowed players to experience the exact game play on a desktop or mobile device without having to face crowded land-based casino tables. The basic gameplay also remained the same in that a Roulette player places bets on a numbered Roulette table layout and then the croupier spins a ball on the Roulette wheel. The winnings are paid out according to a certain odds table.

The versions of online Roulette

The internet and advances in graphic and sound technology allows online casinos to offer South African Roulette players with various game options. All variants of the Roulette game is offered and players can look forward to playing American Roulette, European Roulette and French Roulette, along with all the normal inside, outside and call bet options. Furthermore, in addition to virtual Roulette, there is also Live Dealer versions of Roulette where a land-based roulette table is replicated with real casino sounds and live croupiers. These tables are also offered with various table bet limit ranges so that players can play responsibly according to their budgets. All these options are available at licensed online casino operators that that South African bets.

How do I know if a Roulette casino is legit?

For South African players to find a legitimate online casino that offers Roulette for real money, some research is required. A good starting point is to look for evidence that an online Casino is licensed by an authoritative gaming authority such as the Malta Gambling Authority (MGA), which is generally regarded above and more difficult to attain than other stamps such as the Curacao license. Also research the casino's game providers, see where they are licensed to operate and the variety of their games catalogue. The latter will show you a casino's attempt at longevity. Other factors to consider is a fair-play and responsible gambling commitment and to evaluate the casino's customer support and funds withdrawal process.

Find real-play online Roulette in South Africa

A bone fide player's research into South African online casinos, that provide fair Roulette games, could also include the joining of online forums where player complains and comments can help cement a decision. If an online casino also provides Roulette play for free then this is another way that a casino's operations and player interaction can be investigated before a player makes a deposit and plays for real. The journey to play online Roulette for real money should also include a brushing up of the rules and odds that govern a Roulette game. This can be done with a Roulette simulator that most legit casinos offer. Once the player is prepared, then the plunge can be made and he can sign up to play with confidence.